The standards & principles under which everyone in the organization operates to carry out the mission.

  • We are a membership organization.
  • We honor each person’s commitment and energy to our mission.
  • We seek to bring about meaningful, socially beneficial change in the fields in which we work.
  • We pursue change by tackling defined problems in a pragmatic, nonpartisan manner.
  • We focus on outcomes in order to maximize the effectiveness of our support.
  • We are committed to openness, transparency, and learning.
  • We are committed to working, both internally and externally, in a collaborative fashion based mutual respect.
  • We seek to promote the values and practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce, our culture, and our grant making.
  • Our work should maximize the benefit for individuals and society and minimize risk and harm for the rights and dignity of individuals and groups should be respected.
  • Wherever possible, participation should be voluntary and appropriately informed; all our action should reflect integrity and transparency.